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TIE ME now available in Australia

From recently, TIE ME bow ties are available in Australia on the Uppermoda web shop. Readers of their blog wanted to know who stands behind the brand name, how does the creative process looks like and what are our plans for the future.


Tell us more about the team behind Tie Me?
Tie me started as a project during college by three friends (Katarina, Marija & Vanesa).  Although today there are just two of us, Tie me has continued to grow as a brand. What started as a hobby has turned out to be a great and successful career. 
Describe your creative process?
We don’t need much to start thinking about new things. Just give us a piece of fabric and we will get to work.  Usually we are already thinking ahead, so when we work on a new creation, we are already talking about how to improve it or how to make something completely different. We always brainstorm, then work on creating a sample and continuing to improve it before the completed piece is ready for customers. 
What are your plans for the future?
We have lots of plans. The most important one is creating a new product line of ties which we believe is a natural step forward. One of the newest areas in our field is digital print which we have used to make a few limited collections. In this area our designs get printed on fabric making it unique and available only for our customers. In time, the plan is to make all of our fabrics on our own therefore making the product even more special.


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