TIE ME started as a college-days hobby shared by three friends and has grown to a fashion brand that designs and produces bow ties and women's neckties. We were driven by a desire to embellish sometimes monotonous stylings with a fashion accessory that is somewhat different from the classic version. Bow tie has always been a symbol of elegance and we have realized that it has been out of focus for too long. Therefore we have decided to create products that are completely handmade with various fabrics and diverse designs wearable by women, men and children.

Our cooperation with Croatian designers has resulted in unique patterns made exclusively for TIE ME. Our main goal is to offer authentic and custom made bow ties with every element, from packaging to fabrics, completely produced in Croatia. We pay special attention to personalization so TIE ME offers the possibility to order bow ties with specific print or phrase of your choice. In order to provide this additional value, the communication with customers is very important to us. Therefore if you have any suggestions or questions, we will be happy to hear from you.

Your designer,